Inglese per bambini: L’albero di Natale!

christmas tree albero di natale

Come on/OK children/kids, let’s put up the Christmas tree! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! OK, let’s arrange the branches, we have to spread them out like this, let’s try to get them nice and even. That’s it! Ooh, watch out, it’s starting to lean over. OK, it’s straight now but just be careful how you touch it. Gently…if you’re […]

Inglese per bambini: il bagnetto

fare il bagno in inglese per bambini bath time

Come on love, time for your bath! Let’s fill the bath (UK) / tub (US), here, turn on the tap (UK) / faucet (US). Let’s put in some bubble bath while the water’s running. Do you want to squeeze it in? That’s it! Not too much! Now let’s make some splashes in the water so […]

Inglese per Bambini: al parco

al parco, in Inglese

  Come on boys/girls, o se il gruppo e’ un misto di maschi e femmine children/kids oppure guys (US only), let’s go to the playground (US) / park (US). Hold my hand, let’s use the zebra crossing (Uk)/ crosswalk (US). Mind the cars, check both ways before you cross! No, I said hold my hand! […]

Inglese per bambini: Vestirsi

vestirsi vestiti in inglese

Honey, let’s get dressed. You’re a big boy, you can do it by yourself. Put on your pants (UK English) / panties (US English per una femmina) / underpants (US English per un maschio) and then your vest (UK English) / undershirt (US English) Wait, wait, look again, remember that the label goes at the […]

Inglese per Bambini: Lavarsi i denti

brush your teeth

Mummy: Time to brush your teeth, let me help you. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, just a tiny little bit. Oh come here! Open your mouth. Wider… Wider… Ahhhh wider! Where are you going? Come here! Open your mouth. Wider! How can I brush your teeth if you close your mouth? Ok, let me brush, up, down, right […]

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